The Declaration of Leadership Beta V1

Nikolas Konstantin
2 min readOct 13, 2022

The Essence of Leadership

We often get leadership wrong.

A look at the essence of leadership however uncovers universal truths.

I hold these truths to be self-evident:

No 1: Leadership is assuming responsibility and not a birth right

More than anything leadership is a commitment. It’s a commitment to show up, to change, to take on responsibility, to be challenged, to question yourself, to serve and to be humble.

If you stop reflecting — if you are below the line and falling into reactivity you are leaving the path of mindful leadership.

No 2: Leadership can only be verified by others.

Like in the South African concept of Ubuntu — it is only through the lens of others that we become leaders.

If we shy away from harvesting the feedback of others we will forever tap in the dark about what we could be to others.

No 3: The only constant is change

The logic changes with every evolution. Leadership is a sensing a listening and then becoming something new. It is also a deconstructing, unbecoming and unlearning.

Like Britney Spears sang “Im not a girl, not yet a woman” — you will forever be in a bardo state of becoming and un-becoming a new leader.

No 4: Resonance is the marker of success

You can’t fool yourself when it comes to success. We all fall trap to cheating time just to realise that we cheated ourselves being everywhere and nowhere at all.

Taking inspiration from timeless wisdom traditions this truth becomes evident— the marker of the quality of the things that matter to you will be how deep you go into resonance.

Resonance is your perceived level of depth and connection with yourself, the people around you and a deeper meaning in live. High markers of felt connection are the ultimate signs of true success.



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