A playlist for every mood

Nikolas Konstantin
4 min readSep 11, 2022


Here is my definite collection of soundtracks for the mind.

Select a mood, push play and get catapultued into the mood of your choice

Slightly melancholic vibes


A movie. The moment when your breath stops. Death. Celebration of afterlife.


Slightly melancholic journey through alternative melodies and other gems

Sky Tripping

poetic tunes for self exploration


Leaves are falling. Warm Chocolate. A litte making out in the barn, hoping no one notices.

Deep Dive

Your voyage into the pool of the subconscious pop of 2049


I wish I had a penny every time they said “Don’t you miss the music they played back in the days”.

Mellow Tunes

Eclectecism. Mellow Tunes. From new voices of jazz to old folks from cuba.


If your ears havent been carressed in a long time…here is a gentle embrace. From trip hop to Brazil.


When you and your brother build that tent in the living room and decided to move in. Forever. The soundtrack.

Jesus brought us together

Feel good songs for Christian Summer Camp & Marshmallow roasting in short shorts.


Very sweet melancholy. Like that sunset. Or that letter he wrote you. A longing.

End of a love Affair

The ultimate break-up playlist

Songs that need to be sung

If only those songs where on those karaoke lists…the world would be a better place.

Oolong Vibes

A crazy expensive tea from china and an unexpected vistor…


Songs that replenish the soul. Like a good old moonbath.

Feel Good Tunes

Soul Fm

Welcome to soul fm. The never ending soul journey to feel good land.

Easy Summer

mild summer breeze. Life is good.

Wedding Day

True Love, your people, and that weird aunt no one dared to uninvite

Summer Jam

Reggaeton, water fountains, the scent of gasoline and burning streets, booties shaking

Mystery Rainbow Boombox

At the end of the rainbow is a boombox. And it never stops playing. The daily music prey — marinated and grilled. Bon appetit.

Smooth Clumsy XXX

the getting it on with sophisticated clumsyness playlist

The Ananas Tales

the adventures of Pabo Del Monte

Funky Popcorn

Feel Good Tunes..Just you, the bbq and the neighbours. Kids with waterguns

Soulful Moments

Hibernation material. The best background for absolutely everything.





A journey into the dark night of the soul.

Onyra 1

Your musical summer poncho for when you meditate, journal or chill out

Contemporary Cinema

Modern eclectic soundscape painters. Mood sculptures for your mind.

Slow Love

Trance states. Where is up. Where is down.

Midnight Gospel

Every night needs a savior.


Trattoria Sapore de Sale

Open that bottle. Open those doors. Welcome them on your terrace. This is what we are living for.

Arab Nights

contemporary voices drawing soundscapes for everyday hustles and lavish nights


Russian Rockets and Melancholia. A zeitgeist framed in desparation, hope and the ritual of drinking.

Cote d’azur

Yes, you are cruising down cote d’azur. Life feels like a breeze of air. To your right: her, with her hands playing with the wind while the sea dazzle with its endless blue simplicity.

World Journey

On the road again

Deutsche Schreiber

Germans can sing. And they have hearts. And they make jokes. Unbelivable right?


Soledad y mar

Spanisch Uperclass

An afternoon at your smart south american friends

Brazil Baby

Brazilian Contemporary moods. Deep and light. Melodic and with that gut feeling for whats good.

Kitsch Hispanic Stadium

Give me that sticky sweet kitsch that only Latin America can cook up

Young Europe

Young contemporary European Voices — One artist per country

Greek Sunday

A radio on the porch. Family members wildly gesticulating. Sugar rush and coffee when the neighbours visit.


The never ending Jazz Jukebox

A never ending jukebox that throws out timeless rarities to colour your day in bold colours.

Slow Jam

A collection of the sweetest slow jazz. The one that will melt your brain. The definite collection to that very tight dance that will bind you two forever.

Swing for Dancers (Niko´s impeccable selection of tunes)

It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that thing, he said.

Blues Baby

Pussycat moans in sharp minor

New Kind of jazz

Those new voices in jazz. Collected.

Warm Winter Tunes

Its christmas. And you are sick of that trash jazz. Here is the antidote.

7 Heures Du Matin

all night timeless feel good sounds

CCCW — Best of Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Tom Waits and the genious of late Johnny Cash


Jazz. Timeless. Blue.



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